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Financiamento para ​realização de workshops​ em parceria com o Reino Unido

British Council/Newton Fund - Researcher Links: Workshop Grants 2017


The Researcher Links: Workshop Grants supported by UK government and partner country funding and forms part of the Newton Fund are designed to provide financial support to bring together a UK/partner country bilateral cohort of early career researchers to take part in workshops to meet the overarching objectives.

The Grants are intended to support research areas relevant to the development of partner countries, such as:

  1. Agriculture (irrigation, crop yields);
  2. Climate and environment (climate change, green technology, sustainable development, ecosystem services, resource scarcity);
  3. Sustainable energy for all;
  4. Education research for development;
  5. Economic growth (equitable growth, financial sector development, private sector development);
  6. Health (HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, neglected tropical diseases, child mortality, maternal health);
  7. Water and sanitation;
  8. Food and nutrition (including food security);
  9. Demographic change and migration;
  10. Rural and urban development;
  11. Infrastructure (including civil engineering, information and communication technologies, big data for social and economic development);
  12. Humanitarian disasters and emergencies, disaster risk reduction;
  13. Resilient and connected communities;
  14. Governance, society and conflict (transparency, accountability, effective institutions, land and natural resource rights, poverty alleviation, social development, structural inequalities, violence and security, peace building, civil society);
  15. Development-relevant data collection, quality and access (including administrative data and macroeconomic statistics).

Data Limite

June 13, 2017, 16.00 (UK time).


Each proposal must have one Principal Applicant from the UK and one Principal Applicant from the partner country (Brazil, India, Kenya, Malaysia, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam).

Both Principal Applicants must be Leading Researchers or Established Researchers.

Principal Applicants must be permanent employees of one of the following (this means that Emeritus and Honorary Professors may not apply as lead):

  1. A not-for-profit higher education institution unless specified otherwise in Appendix 1 (page 13);
  2. A UK higher education institution (all UK higher education institutions are eligible);
  3. A not-for-profit research organisation. A Catapult Centre (in the case of the UK Principal Applicant).

Both of the Principal Applicants’ institutions (the Lead Institutions) must have the capacity to administer the grant where contracting requires.

Note: For more information candidates must see the Eligibility Criteria (page 4).


The maximum amounts that can be requested in each budget category are:

  1. International travel: £1,000.00;
  2. Domestic travel: £350.00;
  3. Subsistence costs per person per day: £60.00
  4. Event costs per person per day: £25.00;
  5. Additional workshop costs: £2,200.00.

Note: For more information candidates must see the Funding item (page 7).

Forma de Solicitação

Before Applying candidates must see the Guide to Starting the Application and Registering on the Online Tool.

Note: Applications must have the support of the home and partner institutions, confirmed by supporting letters uploaded in the online application.


In this round, only one application may be submitted per co-ordinator, but there is no limit to the number of applications submitted per institution.

Workshops must take place between February 1, 2018 and January 31, 2019.


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